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The dynamics of learning has changed in modern schools, with classes that integrate research, collaboration and digital learning. To meet this transformation, Encyclopædia Britannica has created a series of digital products that go far beyond the reference: we offer products with modern technologies that facilitate education and make that learning is more effective.

In this section dedicated exclusively to the needs of schools, we show them our solutions especially created for the current educational system. Learn about our training programs to help teachers integrate technology in the classroom.

Testimonials & Press

Here's what people are saying about Britannica's products

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    Susanna Garza, Coordinator of Instructional Technology

    “More than one million educators, students, and student families across Texas have benefited from its relevant, accurate, up-to-date information and user-friendly interfaces.”

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    Librarian & Head of Public Services, Auburn University at Montgomery

    “Great information, easy to use, fun, and the credibility of Britannica…what more can one ask?”

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    Joan Storey, Technology Coordinator

    “Our teachers like the organization of information—giving students immediate access to related articles and web sites. It's a valuable, reliable, age-appropriate, and time-saving tool.”

Featured Training Video

Britannica School Online Solutions

Britannica School is a comprehensive digital knowledge solution for teachers, students, and their families. It’s one of the most valuable classroom assets available to schools today.

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