How have inventions, from the seemingly simple introduction of the wheel to more complex aerospace advancements and computer technologies impacted society, the environment, health care, transportation, and beyond? Turn to Technology and the Modern World CD-ROM for a fascinating look at today’s advancements and the previous achievements that paved the way.

The Effect of Technology on the World

More than 1,300 articles from the Encyclopædia Britannica explore the role of technology over time. Topics include: A Connected World, Power & Energy, Space Exploration, The Automobile, The Computer Age, The Electronics Revolution, The Expanding Universe, The Virtual World and Total War.

Multimedia Demonstration Explain and Engage

Hundred of action packed videos, animations, and images further explain key subjects.

Easy to Incorporate into Homework, Research and School Projects

Use Virtual Note cards to take notes. Use the Bookmark and Article Export tools to keep research organized.