Encyclopædia Britannica Guide to Black History explores everything from African culture to the civil rights movement, from legends in entertainment to sports superstars, and from religious leaders to landmark achievements in science, medicine, and education.

Explore the fascinating people, places, and events making historic contributions to African-American heritage. This CD-ROM contains more than 1,000 articles, 500 photos and multimedia presentations, and a detailed timeline spanning 2,000 years. Use the timeline to trace history, or browse through biographies, places, topics, and events. The multimedia gallery provides snapshots, audio, and video clips that give additional insight into the people and events that shaped history. This product is not only complete and comprehensive, but culturally enlightening and enriching.


Enlightening Articles

From art to reggae music to the Underground Railroad, the fascinating people, places, and events that have contributed to African American heritage will engage and amaze.

Illuminating Biographies

Get to know Muhammad Ali, Ella Fitzgerald, Martin Luther King, Jr., Sidney Poitier, Oprah Winfrey, and other influential artists, athletes, leaders, and scientists.

Multimedia Clips and Images

Watch video clips of the March on Washington, a high point of civil rights movement. Get a glimpse of the 1950s music scene in Chicago. Listen to Art Historian Margaret Vendryes speak about the impact of the Harlem Renaissance on the artists of today.

Learning Activities

Form a better understanding of black history with unique learning activities covering topics from slavery to sports.