Encyclopædia Britannica’s Student Library CD-ROM teaches students to research information on their own. Covering the most important topics for kids in grades 1 to 9, it includes the Britannica Elementary Encyclopedia, the Britannica Student Encyclopedia, the Merriam-Webster Student Dictionary and Thesaurus, games and interactive study guides, and other rich multimedia that make learning fun and keep children engaged. Taking students from frogs to physics, these two complete encyclopedias form the cornerstone of a total reference library that interests and involves young students.


  • Britannica Elementary Encyclopedia for young learners and the Britannica Student Encyclopedia for middle-school students.
  • Merriam-Webster’s Student Dictionary & Thesaurus plus a complete world atlas.
  • Explore article and media tours.
  • Thousands of photographs, videos, audio clips, virtual tours, and timelines.
  • Virtual note cards.
  • Learning games and interactive study guides that make learning fun.
  • Useful homework resources including a video subject browse and how-to documents on topics such as writing a book review.
  • A-Z browse or search by keyword or question that allow children to find information quickly and easily.

Discs: 1 CD-ROM

Compatibility: Win/Mac