Explore the Friendly Forest, where Moose, Raccoon, Bear, Squirrel and Owl will guide children through a sequenced early literacy program. Watch as the enchanting characters teach matching skills, letter-sound recognition, vocabulary and writing concepts, before introducing exciting, interactive games.

Encyclopædia Britannica presents Excelling at Reading that will help children develop reading skills from the age of 3, right through to 6 years old. Designed to see your child through pre-school and into Key Stage 1, this interactive PC CD-ROM is brought to you by the UK's most comprehensive learning resource.


  • Contains 2 CD-ROM’s featuring sequential learning.
  • Over 120 hours of activities and step by step lessons.
  • Interactive games that practice letter formation and recognition.
  • Amusing Poems that enrich your child’s Vocabulary.
  • 34 Storybooks to practice reading aloud.
  • Entertaining video clips strengthen your child’s grasp pf phonics.
  • Creative Writing book.
  • Separate libraries containing progressive reading books.
  • Parents menu helps you follow your child’s progression.
  • Encourages independent learning.