Take a magical journey through the fairy tale forest, where children’s favorite characters will guide them to various exercises that introduce fundamental math skills, including counting, comparing, grouping, adding and subtracting numbers.

Encyclopædia Britannica presents Excelling at Maths that will help children develop maths skills from the age of 3, right through to 6 years old. Designed to see your child through pre-school and into Key Stage 1, this interactive PC CD-ROM is brought to you by the UK’s most comprehensive trusted and learning resource.

Key Features

  • Learn how to count, compare, group, add and subtract numbers up to 10.
  • Complete 16 challenging and fun-filled learning activities.
  • Explore 4 enchanting fairy tales with your favorite characters.
  • Boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem.
  • Encourages independent learning.
  • Interactive games let children learn by experience and play.
  • Introduces progressive difficulty.
  • Develops visual thinking and perception.
  • Develops concentration skills.
  • Engaging and memorable song about numbers.