From the editors of Encyclopædia Britannica-the world’s reference standard since 1768-comes this fun and challenging quiz CD-ROM. Readers of all ages can test their knowledge with more than 2,800 questions on a wide range of subjects: art, culture, geography, history, literature, mythology, science, sports, and the Nobel Prize. Answers are accompanied by concise, verified explanations that add to the reader’s understanding. Special “Did You Know?” sections present interesting and uncommon facts that stimulate the reader’s curiosity and spark the learning process. Quizmaster's globally appealing content will spur questions, intellects, and imaginations and provide hours of fun!

  • Geography - Where are the ruins of the ancient city of Troy located? Which country was formerly known as Gold Coast?
  • Literature - Who wrote the poem Don Juan? Which novelist created lawyer-detective Perry Mason?
  • Sports - What winter sport combines cross-country skiing with rifle marksmanship? Which pro baseball player was known as the Sultan of Swat?
  • Science - What is the largest living land animal? Which planet has the strongest magnetic field?
  • History - In which country did the Industrial Revolution first take place? Which war was also known as the Great War?
  • Audio and Video - Vivid multimedia invites you to participate in variety of activities, such as naming the highest waterfall in the world or describing the mood of a Shakespearean play.