After crossing the Milky way on his magic flying board, Zook, the little space robot, has arrived on planet Earth. He lands in a magic forest, where he finds the inhabitants getting ready to celebrate their big festival of the seasons. Zook knows nothing about this new planet, so different from his own, and he doesn't know what the seasons are either. Luckily the forest is home to a number of funny and charming characters who are happy to explain everything a young robot needs to know about the four seasons on the Earth.


The adventure with Zook starts in summer and ends in spring. Each season (summer, autumn, winter, and spring) has its own unique panoramic environment to be explored. Along the way, you will discover a number of funny animated characters, some of which come with a simple scientific information. For each season visited, you must correctly follow zook’s instructions before moving on to the next season. Once you have successfully completed all the challenges for the four seasons, you can join in the big festival. Afterward, you may return to visit the forest.


The Zook Discovers the seasons CD-ROM offers four amusing games, once for each season. These games challenge the memory, logic, powers of observation, and skills of the player. Each games has three levels of difficulty.