With trillions of cells, 600 muscles, and 206 bones, the human body is a formidable living machine. With the aid of absolutely stunning visual content, The Human Body CD-ROM invites you to a unique voyage inside our organism and reveals the fascinating secretes of the human body. By consulting the Atlas of The Human Body, you will discover at a glance the incredible diversity of the organs of our body as well as their name and function. Through a combination of high-quality animations and step-by-step explanations, this amazing multimedia tool leads you on a path of discovery. It will pique your curiosity and encourage you to explore subjects in depth. The quality and accuracy of the illustrations provide basic knowledge of each theme at a glance by tying all the information together. You are just a click away from a fascinating trip through the human body.


  • 500 illustrations
  • 500 photos
  • More than 50 videos
  • 50,000 words
  • An animated interface makes consulting the encyclopedia fun and easy
  • Comprehensive help screens illustrate exactly how to get the most out of this amazing resource
  • Contains a complete video library with more than one hour of viewing time
  • Numerous hyperlinks allow you to explore more deeply a subject or related theme
  • The index allows rapid, efficient searches through the entire content
  • Progressive visual explanations allow you to follow the development of each phenomenon