American History: U.S. Presidents brings together the vast resources of Britannica to provide the information you’d expect about the U.S. Presidents, and some you wouldn’t. With hundreds of articles, photographs, special essays, and more, American History: U.S. Presidents is an indispensable learning resource for students studying the presidency and for curious adults interested in expanding their knowledge of American history.


  • Presidents, Vice Presidents, and First Ladies - 650 articles from Encyclopædia Britannica plus 250 photos and audio and video clips.
  • Political Parties - Political parties both prominent and obscure, from the Bull Mosse and Know-Nothing Parties to the Democrats and Republicans of today.
  • US Government - The electoral college, Bill of Rights, US Congress, Supreme Court, and much more.
  • Elections - Complete and detailed election results dating back to 1789.
  • Key Historical Documents - The Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and major speeches - from Washington’s farewell to Lincoln’s second inaugural to Nixon’s resignation.
  • Interact with History - Travel through American history with timelines. Let audio and video clips take you back to Lincoln’s childhood and JFK’s speech about putting a man on the Moon.