Great Minds brings you the most brilliant thinkers of all time-the inventors, the scientists, and the intellectuals whose ideas have moved the world since the dawn of civilization. They’re the people who made the discoveries that have shaped everyday life, from ancient Greece to the 21st century. Whether it’s the radio you listen to every morning, what you know about human evolution, or the steps you take to avoid cholesterol and cancer, they are all the result of someone&rsqs perseverance and insight. Come and meet them here.

This comprehensive CD-ROM is packed with over 2,500 biography articles covering Aristotle, Marie Curie, Guglielmo Marconi, Louis Pasteur, and many more. There are also featured articles on a variety of subjects, including biology, medicine, the Nobel Prize, and oceanography. Engaging multimedia plus hundreds of photos and tables enhance the articles and bring topics to life. Packed with knowledge, this CD is the perfect way to get to know the great minds of our world.


Insightful Biographies

1,850 articles from the Encyclopædia Britannica and the Britannica Book of the Year® provide you an impressive list of the great thinkers who have shaped our world. Discover the life and contributions of Aristotle, Jaques-Yves Cousteau, Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, Joycelyn Elders, Stephen Hawking, Guglielmo Marconi, Alfred Nobel, Nostradamus, Benjamin Spock, and many others.

Broad Coverage

11 non-biographical Featured Articles on a range of subjects give you added information on many fascinating topics.

Interactive Subject Browse

With over 2,500 article entries in the Subject Browse (some articles appear in more than one subject), you can easily find the people relevant to your topic of choice. Subjects include astronomers, biologists, chemists, climatologists, geologists, mathematicians, meteorologists, oceanographers, physicists, physiologists/medicine, Nobel Prize winners, and featured articles.

Engaging Multimedia

With nearly 700 photos, illustrations, tables, and other images, this CD is as visually pleasing as it is informative. Plus maps, video clips, and animations enhance learning and complement the article content.

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary and Thesaurus

With 225,000 definitions, Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary is sure to answer your questions about unfamiliar terms. Plus, 50,000 thesaurus entries provide all the word-help you will need to understand each article.

Enhanced Learning Tools

Use the Article Export tool to set aside articles for further examination, or use the bookmarking function to save favorite articles. Further your learning with the use of Virtual Notecards and the Notes Viewer to take and save notes on a particular article.