Explorers and Innovators brings you the intrepid and brave explorers and inventors who shaped our world today. Meet the astronomers who first stepped on the moon, insightful scientists who have made our lives easier, pioneers who traveled across the western frontier, and brave minds who changed how we live today.

Enlightening Biographies

Explore the lives of Christopher Columbus, Sir George Everest, Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, James Cook, Amelia Earhart, Henry Ford, Lewis and Clark, Sally Ride, Sir Oppenheimer, Calamity Jane, Erik the Red, Alexander Graham Bell, Heidi Lamar, Marco Polo, Bill Gates, Dr. Livingstone, Ben Franklin, Neil Armstrong and many others.

An Extensive collection

More that 1,400 articles cover the innovators in transportation, communication, science and medicine, the explorers who circled the globe, mapped the oceans, and ventured into the final frontier. Dive into the past with Archeologists and Anthropologists, or leap into the future with engineers and industrialists.

Fascinating Multimedia

Witness the landing of the first man on the moon. Learn about the achievements of Thomas Edison and Ferdinand Magellan. Engaging multimedia plus hundreds of photos, images and maps accompany the articles.