WonderWorld, an Encyclopædia Britannica integrated Environmental Studies course for the Primary school, is a series of five books for Classes 1 to 5. In tandem with the NCERT objectives and NCF 2005, it seeks to create a capacity to locate and comprehend relationships between the natural, social, scientific, and cultural environment.

WonderWorld stresses on interactive approach through activities, projects, surveys, and games. Based on teacher feedback, with a judicious mix of narratives and factual account, the NCERT themes are exploited to reveal the scientific causes and the social science aspects. There is a concerted effort to ensure a smooth transition to the Science and Social Studies courses in the Upper Primary classes.

The salient features of the course are:

  • Warm-up activities providing questions and discussions as introduction to concepts
  • Approach through observation, classification, and inference
  • Cues such as in-text queries, did you know, games, experiments, and projects to connect knowledge to application
  • Exploration and data interpretation through hands-on activities that relate to the child’s immediate environment
  • Assessment sheets for reinforcement
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) to implement CBSE guidelines through situation analysis, research cues, and website references
  • An aesthetic layout with appealing illustrations

WonderWorld aims to develop in the child sufficient sensitivity to live, with the world and all its nuances, in peace and harmony.

Classes: 1 to 5

Components: Poems and plays in an audio CD