The English Channel is a multi–skill language course for classes 1 to 8 that has been revised this year to enhance it optimally from the language and pedagogical perspectives. The series comprises eight course books, practice books, and literature readers, and has been designed to achieve holistic language development with focus on the oral-aural, print, and electronic channels of communication. Implementing the recommendations of National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 along with the CBSE thematic content layout, The English Channel seeks to develop various language skills and sub-skills through the course books, extend their practice in the practice books, and enhance literary appreciation skills through the literature readers. The CCE indicators used extensively in the books help teachers in evaluation and assessment.

The series includes the following salient features that not only ensure language proficiency through skill development but also help learners to acquire critical thinking skills and desirable values, thus aiding their evolvement into better individuals.

  • Time to listen: Listening tasks to develop listening skills for diverse purposes
  • Time to speak: Speaking activities to build oral competence.
  • Reading: A range of questions to develop inferential comprehension skills through an interesting and diverse selection of prose and poetry.
  • Time to write: Writing tasks to hone the learners' creative thinking and writing skills for selection, organization, and presentation of content
  • Grammar: Explanations and exercises to provide scaffolding for language proficiency.
  • Sub-skills: Exercises on pronunciation, vocabulary building, spelling, dictionary references, and Internet research to encourage holistic language development.
  • Value pick: Cues at the end of each prose passage to trigger contextual discussions on values and foster desirable values
  • HOTS and Life skills: Activities that encourage learners to synthesize, evaluate, analyze, and introspect on information in response to non-judgmental tasks.
  • Projects: Group activities to develop interpersonal and reference skills

The series comes with teacher's resource kits and CDs for all eight levels *. The teacher's resource kit includes the revised teacher's manual that contains comprehensive pedagogical guidelines and detailed lesson plans to facilitate classroom transactions; a test generator built on research-based principles for evaluation and assessment; an interactive e–book that can be projected in a smart class; and an audio CD that provides support and practice for listening activities’ speaking activities’ and pronunciation. The students receive an interactive CD that provides additional practice in the language through edutainment and access to Merriam—Webster dictionaries.

Classes: 1 to 8

Components: 8 Teachers’ manual with teaching aids

* Teacher's Manuals, Teacher's CDs, and Teacher's Resource Kits are for SCHOOLS ONLY and not for retail sale.