The first edition of BSURE SCHOOL ATLAS is an encyclopaedic reference book that deals with history, geography, wildlife, climate, population, agriculture, industries, tourism, and more. From the fundamentals of map reading to extensive coverage of topical issues, the atlas is a handy guide for students and researchers alike. It is highly relevant to today's school curriculum as it helps students get a wider perspective on the world around them. Smart design, clear cartography, nuggets of information, and stunning images make it a top–of–the–line book.

The salient features of the series are:

  • Includes a thorough introduction to how to locate places, measure distances, and find directions on maps
  • Gives an easy–to–understand introduction to map symbols, legends, and projections
  • Introduces the history of Earth with pages on the solar system, the realms of Earth, landforms, and other similar themes
  • Covers more than 100 thematic maps of India and 44 thematic world maps
  • Includes data profiles of all states and UTs of India along with their political and physical maps
  • Includes political, physical, and thematic maps of every continent along with maps of important countries
  • Includes world maps depicting environmental crises, economic issues, and developmental challenges
  • Contains latest statistics gathered from authentic sources such as Census of India and Central Statistical Organisation
  • Includes flags of 194 countries accompanied by explanatory notes and fast facts
  • Provides crisp write–ups for a better understanding of maps
  • Includes bar graphs and pie charts for visual representation of map–related data
  • Provides 3–D relief maps and distinct page marking for each section for better readability
  • Includes a section on 'Top 10' countries based on area, life expectancy, population density, and per capita income for each continent

The BSURE SCHOOL ATLAS comes with Britannica Planet Earth CD. Through a combination of high–quality animations and step–by–step explanations, this CD leads you on a path of discovery around the planet, from its molten core to its highest peak. The CD has an animated interface with 500+ illustrations, a video library with more than one hour of viewing time, and numerous hyperlinks.