The Britannica's Early Steps series is a complete learning solution for three pre-primary classes - Nursery, LKG, and UKG. The series comprises fifteen books, which include English course books, English workbooks, Mathematics books, General Awareness books, and Phonics books for students. The series consists of two unique offerings for teachers - the School Readiness Programme and the Teachers Manual designed to foster increased teacher student interactivity.

The series is designed to develop phonemic awareness among children with respect to the English language with the help of a Phonics Workbook and Phonics flashcards. It teaches the English alphabet, along with all its blends and digraphs, through culturally relevant content interspersed with beautiful illustrations. This series follows the principles of Learn, Apply, Interact, and Develop to create a unique pedagogy which keeps the child engaged with the content.

Phonics is a method of teaching sounds and helping the students to associate the sounds with the letters of the English alphabet. Our Pre-primary Phonics course covers all the basics of phonics over a period of three years and aims to make its teaching and learning a joyful experience. It also aims to inculcate correct speaking habits and pronunciation from an early age.

This box contains a pack of 28 colourful, visually enriched, and engaging flashcards, each depicting an alphabet, blend, or digraph sound. This helps improve a child's memory, vocabulary, word recognition capabilities, and diction. The flash cards engage a child's curiosity to learn in a creative manner.

This box also has a Teacher's Manual in CD format that focuses on the correct way to introduce a sound and reinforce it through class activities that are structured, engaging, and aimed at providing plenty of practice.