The new edition of MathSight is an Encyclopædia Britannica series of eight Mathematics textbooks for Classes 1 to 8. Conforming to the National Curriculum Framework 2005, the series aims to develop in students a logical sharpness along with passion for this field of number, quantity, and space. Mathematical concepts have been introduced and explained through activities and real–life situations ranging from the concrete to the abstract. The easy–to–complex progression is supplemented by challenging practice.Textbooks available in the latest global standard format epub3.

The salient features of the new edition are:

  • Graded content with sufficient recapitulation
  • Interactive study approach
  • Term-wise sample tests
  • Practice Section for additional drilling includes Revision Exercise, Mental Maths, MCQs, Math Lab Activity, Worksheets,facilitating hands–on learning and consolidation of mathematical concepts.
  • Summary of topics, puzzles, information snippets, and teacher’s tips make interesting highlights.
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) interspersed frequently includes challenges that trigger analytical reasoning.
  • Accompanying Books 1 to 8, the interactive student CD integrates concept–building by showing their application to sports. It supplements book content through visuals, animations, interactive exercises, quizzes, and additional information.
  • Teacher’s manuals with extensive teaching aids and additional exercises *
  • Teacher’s portal includes interactive learning, online tests, worksheets per class, and Vedic Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) connected to the topic of the chapter.

Value Adds:

  • Approximately 250 new questions per class.
  • An e-textbook (epub3 format) for each class.
  • An interactive practice book for each class.

The care and thought invested in designing this edition of MathSight will assuredly not only hone mathematical skill and ability but also foster love and passion for the subject.

Classes: 1 to 8


  • 8 Teacher’s book with teaching aids and more exercises
  • Interactive student CDs for classes 4 to 8
  • 8 booklets for extra practice

  • * Teacher's Manuals, Teacher's CDs, and Teacher's Resource Kits are for SCHOOLS ONLY and not for retail sale.