The Knowledge Generation is an Encyclopædia Britannica series of eight general knowledge books for grades 1 to 8, for the school curriculum. Designed with a focus on India and its global position, The Knowledge Generation seeks to instill in learners an all-round comprehension of present-day social issues. Under the purview of general knowledge taught in the classroom, it adheres to the recommendations of the National Curriculum Framework 2005, to include quizzes, facts, word craft, activities, life skills, brain teasers, lifestyles, and value systems. It also provides various means of encouraging learners to embark on their own discovery tours to expand their knowledge.


The salient features of the series:

  • Content presented through interesting games and activities
  • Emphasis on various life skills such as writing and public speaking
  • Exposure to values that lay the foundation for good citizenship
  • Encouragement to read through references to classical and contemporary sources
  • Motivation to seek more information through infobits in fact boxes
  • Research aids through website references
  • Formative assessment through Good living activities in Books 4-8
  • Evaluation through worksheets and test papers
  • Current affairs booklets that will be updated annually in Books 3-8
  • CDs containing aids for the teacher such as model test papers and supplementary questions

The Knowledge Generation assures that the learner initiates the generation of knowledge, authenticates, and integrates it with real life situations.