The updated Know for Sure is an Encyclopædia Britannica general knowledge series of eight books for classes 1 to 8. Exploring the curriculum recommendations of NCERT Guidelines 2005, it includes quizzes, games, facts, surveys, word craft, activities, life skills, brain teasers, lifestyles, stories, handicrafts, group discussions about value systems, and much more under the purview of General Knowledge.

Designed with a global perspective, Know for Sure is not just another bundle of facts to be memorized. It has a lot more to offer to engage and excite the minds of the young readers, reinforcing the fact that learning comes about at the initiative of the learner.

The salient features are:

  • Updation of the latest news and information
  • Content at each level is linked to the class curriculum making each topic relevant, engaging, as well as challenging.
  • Quizzes and facts which are supplemented with additional contextual information to stimulate the minds of the students
  • Titbits of interesting facts on every page
  • Word games to enhance language skills
  • To Do, which comprises of activities exposing learners to surveys, handicrafts, recipes, yoga, and more
  • Activity, for individual and group tasks in class
  • Board games to learn as you play
  • Story activities allowing individual responses and class debates
  • Quiz yourself, a quick self-evaluation
  • Question banks recapitulating the information Titbits spread throughout the book
  • Internet links and sources, for every topic, to browse and know more

Know for Sure stimulates young minds and imparts knowledge and information that is closely linked to the interests, experience, life, and world of the child.

Classes: 1 to 8

Component: 8 CD-ROMs with over 600 additional interactive quizzes