The Grammarite is an Encyclopædia Britannica series of eight English grammar textbooks for classes 1 to 8, for the school curriculum. Based on a spiral exposition of English grammar, The Grammarite lets the learner deduce the concepts rather than impose a didactic approach. The grammar structures are elicited through examples that naturally lead to conversational explanations. The exposure to definitions and rules is explicit with an emphatic stress on in-depth and contextual practice, to hone accuracy in oral and written communication.

The Grammarite
is designed to accompany and supplement all main ELT courses.

The salient features of the series are:

  • Deductive approach to grammar concepts through language activities
  • Concepts presented through the 4 Es: example-explanation-exercise-evaluation
  • Intensive and extensive practice through abundant exercises
  • Variety of exercises graded for identification, structured, and evaluative practice
  • Contextual practice through numerous comprehension and composition exercises
  • Spiral gradation across the series
  • Recapitulation of concepts in each chapter
  • Books 1 and 2 in the workbook format
  • Teacher’s books to support teaching *

The Grammarite develops the skill to accurately use the English language while engaging in a wide range of creative activities spread across the series. The aim is to encourage the learner to not only use the language correctly but to also enjoy using it.

Classes: 1 to 8


  • complimentary interactive CD-ROM available for each class
  • 8 teacher’s manual

  • * Teacher's Manuals, Teacher's CDs, and Teacher's Resource Kits are for SCHOOLS ONLY and not for retail sale.