Foundations of Information Technology, an Encyclopædia Britannica school series of two books for classes IX and X, uses an interactive and hands-on approach to communicate about information technology.

The content implements the 2011 CBSE syllabus for classes IX and X and all the application programs are based on the open source software from The scope of Foundations of Information Technology includes Writer, Impress, Calc, and Base programs of Based on in-depth feedback from teachers, all the exercises and assignments are designed to enhance both the scholastic and co-scholastic skills of the learner and have the potential for continuous and comprehensive evaluation.

Additional features are:

  • Objectives and summary: A birds-eye-view of chapter contents available with each chapter
  • Try it out: Activities to reinforce knowledge
  • Lab activity: Exposure to working knowledge of computers
  • Projects: Application assignments
  • Word bank: Glossary of IT terms
  • Did you know: Additional information snippets
  • HOTS: The CBSE guideline of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in the form of situational responses, research cues, and online references
  • Test papers: Term-wise evaluation
  • Solved test papers: The latest CBSE papers with solutions exemplifying CCE

The expectations are that Foundations of Information Technology will help students make IT tools their workmates now, and in the future.

Classes: 9 & 10