Bsure First Atlas introduces learners to our wonderful world in a fun way. Essential concepts are taught by using a simple visual medium—to provide learning through lots of pictures and small bits of text. Full of interesting maps, colourful images, and lively information about the world's continents, natural features, wildlife, languages, and currencies, this atlas is the most up–to–date world reference for kids aged five to eight. It also includes a geo – themed quiz to test the aptitude of these young explorers. Interesting trivia on earth, the oceans, and our solar system with beautiful illustrations are complemented by nuggets of information that are easy for the young readers.

The salient features of the series are:

  • Discover the Solar System, continents, and countries.
  • Find out about the capitals, currencies, and flags of the world's leading countries.
  • Explore the world around you — with Bsure First Atlas !

The BSURE FIRST ATLAS comes with Britannica Planet Earth CD. Through a combination of high – quality animations and step–by–step explanations, this CD leads you on a path of discovery around the planet, from its molten core to its highest peak. The CD has an animated interface with 500+ illustrations, a video library with more than one hour of viewing time, and numerous hyperlinks.