The Britannica's Early Steps series is a complete learning solution for three pre-primary classes - Nursery, LKG, and UKG. The series comprises fifteen books, which include English course books, English workbooks, Mathematics books, General Awareness books, and Phonics books for students. The series consists of two unique offerings for teachers - the School Readiness Programme and the Teachers Manual designed to foster increased teacher student interactivity.

Children learn to communicate while they enjoy interacting with their own surroundings. The Britannica's Early Steps series teaches them to express with confidence what they see, feel, and listen. This English series aims to familiarise children with letters, words, sentences, and poems set against the backdrop of the known environment. It also enables the development of the gross motor and fine motor skills of the children. This series follows the principles of Learn, Apply, Interact, and Develop to create a unique pedagogy that keeps the child engaged with the content. Every concept is introduced through interesting interactive sessions to ensure active participation of the learner.

Salient Features :

  • Unique Pedagogy — Facilitates the learning of new facts and concepts, develops values and attitudes, and provides numerous practice exercises with opportunities for interaction.
  • Let Us Discuss — Focuses on the need to interact and inculcate the habit of higher order thinking skills (HOTS) in children; every concept is followed by a section called Let Us Discuss.
  • Attractive and Colorful Visuals — The effective use of beautiful visual elements in the Britannica’s Early Steps series makes learning a fun and joyful experience.
  • My English CDs — Contains animated interactive content from Sherston to reinforce the concepts being taught.