The English Express is a multi–skill course in English. Designed in compliance with the National Curriculum Framework 2005 guidelines, it is an interactive and student–friendly series that encourages holistic language learning. The books aim to enhance the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Well graded and with a variety of reading inputs, the books will help the learners to acquire necessary language skills to make them proficient users of the English language.


The salient features of the series:

  • A well–researched and thoughtfully designed course based primarily on communicative approach.
  • The series uses narrative, discursive, dramatic, conversational, and fiction pieces for the student to understand different forms of expression.
  • The series covers various themes to get the students acquainted with the world around him and to learn how it affects them.
  • The series uses authentic material.
  • It develops in students the habit of writing and makes them aware of the different forms of writing.
  • Grammar topics are taught in such a way that the students need not study the rules to understand grammar. Grammar is taught through context.
  • Adheres to the National Curriculum Framework (2005)
  • The series focuses on developing both the active and passive vocabulary of the students.
  • Literature readers are provided for reading practice and pleasure.
  • Workbooks are provided for the students to practice and hone their skills.
  • Teacher's Resource Kit for each level comprises interactive e–books with animations for selected lessons, answer keys and test generator.


  • Focuses on developing the observational skills
  • Independent thinking skills are developed through exercises
  • Focuses on informal learning environment for lower classes
  • Focus on developing language skills
  • Sufficient resources to facilitate teaching–learning process
  • Systematic progression of content
  • Teacher is promoted as a facilitator and collaborator

* Teacher's Manuals, Teacher's CDs, and Teacher's Resource Kits are for SCHOOLS ONLY and not for retail sale.