Differentiate instruction to address varying learning levels, integrate relevant content into your lesson plans, and develop research skills—all with Britannica School.

For All Reading Levels and Abilities

Choose from Primary, Middle School, or Senior School levels.

Correlated to State, Provincial, and Common Core Standards

Britannica School provides educators with quick and easy access to the Common Core, state, and provincial curriculum standards, conveniently organized by subject and grade level.

An Unmatched Learning Environment

Use the numerous articles, images,interactive exercises, atlases, timelines, magazines, pre-screened Websites, and videos in lesson plans, for class projects, or for homework.

Learning Materials

Take advantage of study guides and exercises that cover English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.


Enhance learning with 86,000 graphics plus thousands of animations, audio clips, and videos.

Features :

  • Support for Differentiated Instruction - For each article, students can click on the reading level that is right for them while remaining in the Primary,Middle,or Senior School interface.
  • Universal Access - Enjoy viewing content on a tablet,smartphone,laptop,desktop computer, or any Internet-connected device with a Web browser. The display automatically adjusts! Britannica School offers flexibility that is perfect for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs.
  • The easy-to-follow format of Lesson Plan Builder makes it easy for teachers to create and share interactive lessons.
  • The Biography browse lets users in the Middle and Senior school levels search by era,nationality,gender, and what they are known for.
  • With My content, students and teachers can easily search,tag,save and share content.Students can favourite articles,photos and videos and access them later for reports and projects.
  • Tour India & India in Focus - provide in-depth information about India for the middle and Senior school students.
  • Daily Buzzword builds vocabulary skills for Middle school students.
  • Check out the new video tutorials,free training sessions, and professional development courses at info.eb.com/bschoolpd