With extensive content available for students aged 8 years and above, Britannica® Kids ensures children have access to safe, accurate, and fact-checked information which supports learning from home. You can be assured that your childwill be accessing educational material you can trust.


  • Easy-to-refer WORLD ATLAS, DICTIONARY, THESAURUS, and much more
  • BUILD SELF-CONFIDENCE of your child

Key Features

  • Age-appropriate learning materials and study guides written in a child friendly format
  • Allows exposure to a very wide range of information that goes beyond the textbook
  • Advertising-free environment
  • Links to the web�s best sites�safe and pre-screened by Britannica
  • Stay up-to-date with Children's BBC news feeds, magazines and journals
  • Up-to-date World Atlas and Animated Timelines
  • Learning Activities for English & Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Sciences
  • Check spellings with the dictionary and thesaurus

Key benefits

  • Watch your child learn and grow as they discover new facts!
  • Safe and reliable searches every time�complete research safely and securely from home
  • Learning becomes fun with interactive games and video
  • Develops children's confidence for learning and encourages continuous discovery
  • Establishes research skills vital for success
  • Parents receive sufficient guidance to make this an effective, useful, and, above all, an entertaining media for children