Britannica Learning Zone is a mix of traditional and modern learning tools comprising of the best titles available in print, CD/DVD, e-books, and online formats. This unique offering caters to students and teachers of all three levels: Primary, Middle, and Senior levels.

Customized tailor made for YOUR needs

Every school can choose their preferred products and avail the benefits of being a Britannica Learning Zone.

Why Britannica Learning Zone

Every library needs to stand out with their offerings and Britannica Learning Zone proposes to offer quality content through Encyclopædia Britannica for all age groups. Content provided through different mediums of distribution—from books to e-books, and from CD/DVDs to online web modules.

Britannica offers product trainings and workshops for teachers along with brand support. A certificate, standee, plaque and a shelf are also provided depending on the level of engagement. With most of the products having a perpetual license it is a perfect match between libraries and Britannica.

The Products to choose from include:


  • Collection of 4 multivolume title and 5 single titles


  • Collection of 2 DVD and 24 CD


  • 6 interesting collection includes 42 titles


  • Britannica Image Quest: Over 2.7 million images for educational use