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The digital age has exponentially increased the number of readily available resources and information. Although technology has allowed for an increase in the exchange of data, consequently, it has also given rise to some problems. The ease of accessibility to information can sometimes lead to students finding potentially harmful and objectionable content. Britannica, a leading provider of learning and knowledge products worldwide, offers colleges and universities a solution to this problem. We are proud to be one of the world’s most trusted sources of information. Five words – educated, recent, current, humane and confident – are the values of Britannica’s core and encapsulate the characteristics of the Britannica brand.

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    Primary education portal for public schools funded by the federal government of Brazil.

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    Puerto Rico

    Britannica provides digital content to the seven educational regions of Puerto Rico as part of the project BIVECA-S21.

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    Britannica has formed a partnership with the Irish government to launch a national strategy for learning to all of the schools in the country.

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Downloading Britannica Online® multimedia into Microsoft Powerpoint™

Britannica makes it easy for teachers and students to customize their Microsoft Powerpoint™ presentation by incorporating Britannica videos.

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